Ambassador's Daughter Nicole John Falls to Death

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on August 27, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The 17 year-old daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand was killed on August 26, after she fell from the window of a high-rise in midtown Manhattan. Nicole John, daughter of Ambassador Eric John, was reportedly partying with friends on the 25th floor of the Herald Square Towers when she leaned out the window, witnesses said, for some fresh air and fell

According to the report by the New York Daily News, John was with friends who had come back from clubbing just before 4:00 a.m. Investigators think that she was part of the group partying at the home of Ilan Nassimi, 25. The exact circumstances of the fall that landed the girl on the 3rd story overhang of the building are still being investigated.

The Daily News reports that the host of the party, Nassimi, has been charged with unlawful dealing with a child for supplying liquor to underage drinkers. According to the New York Penal Code, Article 260, § 260.20 a person is guilty of unlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree when, "He gives or sells or causes to be given or sold any alcoholic beverage, as defined by section three of the alcoholic beverage control law, to a person less than twenty-one years old ..." This law is described as a class A misdemeanor.

Sadly, the description of this law exactly fits the reported accounts of the party that night. It is likely too, that because a death occurred, that other more serious charges will be added.

An ABC News report says Nicole John attended high school in Bangkok last year and was in New York to attend college, according to the ambassador's blog. Ambassador John was appointed to his post in 2007.

According to ABC, officials at the U.S. embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, would not comment on the reports, nor did the State Department return requests for comment on the report.

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