Alleged Pothead Busted with Pot Stuck to His Head

By Caleb Groos on October 16, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A 29 year old man in Lebanon, Pennsylvania was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana in a local convenience store. Reportedly, as he walked toward a police officer who happened to be in the store, the officer noticed what appeared to be a small bag of pot stuck to the man's forehead.

Let's add forehead to the list of bad places to hide contraband -- actually go ahead and add the whole head and facial area to the list.

We all know how hard it is to play it cool with anything stuck to your face or forehead. This is particularly true if that something is a bag of marijuana and you come across a uniformed cop.

All of us also want someone to let us know when we've got something between our teeth or on our face, but again, not when it's a bag of marijuana and not when it's a police officer calling it to your attention.

As the Lebanon Daily News reported, Cesar Lopez learned this lesson the hard way.

One might wonder if Lopez was attempting a jedi mind trick, but as the Daily News speculates, it's more likely that the bag simply got stuck to his forehead after being hidden inside the band of his baseball cap.

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