Alba's Honest Company Moves to Dismiss Claims of Its Dishonesty

By Ephrat Livni, Esq. on November 11, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Jessica Alba's Honest Company says the plaintiff calling their products unnatural is a liar. Alba's attorneys have asked that the court dismiss his class action lawsuit, according to the Daily Mail.

Jonathan Rubin filed the lawsuit in September on behalf of all consumers of Honest Company products who were duped by company's claims that their goods are natural. Rubin provided studies from environmental groups that showed some products were actually potentially hazardous. If Rubin's claims are correct, that would make Ms. Alba and her company look less than honest.

Honest Company Responds

The company is reportedly asking that the entire lawsuit be thrown out. Filings point out that Rubin didn't even buy some of the products he is complaining about, specifically the brand's diapers and multi-surface cleaner.

Similarly, Alba's company says that Rubin failed to show any misleading or false statements that were made by The Honest Company or that he purchased the items based on the statements. Rubin is seeking $5 million on behalf of the class.

But The Honest Company argues in court documents that their advertising wasn't lengthy or widespread and that Rubin can't group all their products together saying they are 'unnatural' because the list of items he named are all different with varying ingredients.

Not the Only Suit

Rubin is not the first consumer to target The Honest Company and its products. In September, People reported that Michael Shane filed a lawsuit claiming that Honest's sunscreen was ineffective, People magazine reported.

The lawsuit states that Shane purchased the sunscreen in May 2015, and despite using it as directed "suffered a severe sunburn resulting in blistering and peeling."

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