Ad Man Offers Drug Stash Reward for Stolen Laptop

By Jason Beahm on December 09, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Kurt Shore is an advertising man. So naturally he fancies himself quite clever. When a thief stole his MacBook computer out of his car, he decided to pursue the thief with a unique angle, by offering an ounce of pot as a reward. He also posted surveillance footage of the incident on YouTube.

I think Shore's idea is half baked. (Get it? I know, lame.) The ad says, "Reward. Fabulous drug stash." Then at the bottom there is an asterisk with the words "actual reward may vary." Is that what passes for clever these days? No wonder most advertisements make me want to gouge my eyes out.

Back to Kurt Shore, the D4 Creative advertising executive. The incident happened outside his office. He went to his car on the way home as a vehicle passed by, casing the area. Shore remembered that he forgot something at the office and ran back inside, leaving his car unlocked. Within seconds a man hopped in Shore's car and stole his laptop. More than anything, Shore is upset about the contents on the laptop, such as family pictures and writing he has done.

In Shore's not-quite-humble view, these ads are the ticket to finding the thief. "From a headline point of view, it gets your attention ... I should know how to target the right audience. So, his friends are going to be more interested in drugs or pot than probably money. There's a little bit of satire here going on, obviously, because I'm not in the drug-dealing business," Shore said, Philadelphia Fox 29 reports.

Forgive me, but I'm a bit confused about what Shore's plan actually is here. Why, this couldn't just be, gasp, a lame attempt to bring in business to his advertising company, could it?

Isn't he worried that he might get stabbed when he tells people that he doesn't have any drugs for them? Does thinks a friend of the thief is going to show up at his house to claim the drugs and then he will catch him?

On second thought, weirder things happen every day. Just check out Legally Weird. I take back everything I said about you, Mr. Advertising guy. You're a genius.

Three side lessons here:

  1. Lock your car
  2. Don't leave expensive items in your vehicle, especially in plain view
  3. Back up your computer

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