Actress Gets TRO Against Attorney Michael Avenatti

By William Vogeler, Esq. on November 26, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If lovers get into a physical fight, it's not too hard for someone to get temporary restraining orders against the other.

Courts often issue them based on declarations alone. Of course, the orders are only temporary until a court hearing.

Then the outcome depends a lot on the credibility of the witnesses. That's why in the case of the lawyer versus the actress, it will be a toss-up.

Just a Miniutti

Like attorney Michael Avenatti, actress Mareli Miniutti went from relatively unknown to well-known almost overnight. Avenatti gained fame representing porn star Stormy Daniels, and Miniutti's biggest movie is Ocean's Eight -- where she appeared but without a credit.

In a 38-page court filing, Miniutti said Avenatti dragged her -- in her underwear -- across their apartment. Avenatti allegedly cursed at her, called her ungrateful, and kicked her out.

"Do not disrespect me," he said, according to the declaration. "You don't get to sleep in my house tonight."

It was the second incident, Miniutti said, since they began living together earlier this year. That time, she said, he threw shoes at her, pushed her into a hallway, and made her bang her head against a door.

Did He, Avenatti?

Avenatti denied the allegations, and claimed an early victory when prosecutors declined to file a criminal case against him. He has threatened to sue news organizations and others who, he said, "owe me an apology as well as money."

However, the restraining order case is still on the court calendar. It is scheduled for hearing on Dec. 10.

It's anybody's guess how the case will play out. Whether the judge believes the attorney or the actress, however, one thing is sure: It will make the news.

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