Actor Leonardo DiCaprio May Face Attacker Aretha Wilson at Trial

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on August 06, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Girl trouble has never been a phrase used to describe actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his relationship with the ladies. The Hollywood heartthrob, who was slashed in the face with a broken beer bottle back in 2005, may face his attacker Aretha Wilson at the upcoming trial.

The encounter occurred at a Hollywood Hills house party hosted by film producer Rick Soloman. The 40 year-old Wilson's slashing ultimately caused the actor to receive 17 stitches on his face and neck, according to CBC News. The Canadian Wilson used a broken beer bottle in the attack on DiCaprio in which she claims that she mistook the actor for her ex-boyfriend. She ultimately found her ex-boyfriend and in a strikingly similar situation, hit him with a broken beer bottle a year after the DiCaprio incident.

Lucky for fans, DiCaprio's face made a full recovery from the incident. Wilson is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and there is currently a restraining order in place that prohibits her from contacting DiCaprio, or coming within 450 meters of the actor. Wilson was extradited from Canada, and the Los Angeles judge raised her bail to $150,000 over concerns regarding her "willingness and ability to come back to court," CBC News adds.

Assault with a deadly weapon is not a charge limited to actual weapons. As is the case here, a broken beer bottle is classified on the same level as more traditionally dangerous items (i.e. guns and knives) because of the potential to cause the same serious injuries or death. Thus, the classification is based on whether the weapon is capable (even if it is highly unlikely) to produce death. Aside from bringing a tremendous amount of media attention to the now six year-old incident, DiCaprio's first-hand testimony at the trial will help with the prosecution of Aretha Wilson in providing essential details of the unfriendly encounter.

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