ACC Annual Meeting 2013: 5 Reasons You Should Go

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on October 02, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's that time of year, the 2013 ACC Annual Meeting is fast approaching -- are you going? This year's ACC Annual Meeting will take place in Los Angeles from October 27 - 30, which is great because you'll still make it home in time to see the kids in their Halloween costumes.

If you're on the fence about attending, here are five reasons why you should consider going.

1. Networking Opportunities

Ugh, that dreaded word -- "networking." You can hate it all you want, but it's a fact of life, especially in this job market. Get yourself out there and meet other attorneys. You never know when you'll want to jump ship. Better to create a network before you need it, think of it as a safety net.

2. Compare Notes

Meeting with other in-house attorneys is a great way to learn about how other companies do things. Whether it's job satisfaction, or a new policy or procedure, you have a lot that you can learn and share with other attorneys in similar positions.

3. CLE Credits

Over the course of three days, you have over 100 CLE courses to choose from that are specifically catered to in-house counsel. Wouldn't it be great to get all of your CLE requirements out of the way in one shot?

4. Check Out the Exhibiting Sponsors

ACC has gathered over 100 sponsors to show the latest technological developments that can help make your legal departments more efficient and effective. You can see what's new in the market and report back to your GC on what you find.

5. It's Um, Like, LA

Chances are you are living in a part of the country where it's actually starting to feel like Fall. In LA, it feels like summer year-round. It's sunny, has lots of palm trees, great shopping, restaurants and beaches. You can see all of this and get a business expense write-off. Why would you not go?

Whatever your reasons for going, you will definitely gain something from attending the 2013 ACC Annual Meeting. If you want attend, visit the online ACC registration page.

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