Abusive Babysitter Convicted Thanks to Hero Dog

By Aditi Mukherji, JD on September 13, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Thanks to the protective nature of a hero dog, an abusive babysitter was caught red-handed and convicted of assault and battery.

Channeling its inner Lassie, the South Carolina canine alerted the child's parents that the woman was mistreating their 7-month-old son.

Here's the incredible tale of the furry guardian angel and what's legally in store for the abusive babysitter:

Man's Best Friend -- and Protector

Killian, a black lab and German shepherd mix (an insanely adorable mix), would uncharacteristically growl and snarl at Alexis Khan, the family's 22-year-old babysitter.

It got to the point where Killian's hair would stand up on the back of his neck. Killian's out-of-the-ordinary aggressive behavior piqued the suspicion of parents Benjamin and Hope Jordan, reports ABC News.

The Jordans took their canine's cue and hid an iPhone under the couch to record the babysitter while they were at work. To their horror, when they checked the recording, they heard the babysitter calling baby Finn expletives and also heard sounds of slapping and shaking. Most devastating, they could hear the baby's cry change from that of distress to pain.

The parents immediately sprung into action and took Finn to the hospital. Doctors, who are among those legally required to report abuse, alerted the police.

Secret Recordings

In general, if a nanny or babysitter is videotaped without his or her knowledge, admitting the secret recordings as evidence raises potential legal concerns.

While it's legal to make a video-only recording of anything happening inside your home, recording audio is often not allowed. In about 15 states, it's illegal to record audio without the consent of the party being recorded (i.e., the nanny).

Fortunately for the Jordans, the recording was worth it. Even though the recording may not have been admissible in court, an officer interviewed the babysitter and she gave a full confession, according to ABC News. You can watch their report here:

After pleading to assault and battery, the judge sentenced the babysitter to the maximum of three years in prison. In South Carolina, child abusers must add their names to a statewide child abuse registry, which is meant to prevent them from ever again working with children.

Let's hope Killian got to skip his bath and gets one epic belly rub for saving the day.

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