ABA Debuts Data Breach and Encryption Handbook

By Jason Beahm on February 10, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

An increase in data breaches had led to the creation of a Data Breach and Encryption Handbook published by the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law. The handbook takes an in-depth look at some of the cybersecurity risks present in the 21st century. With escalating data breaches and their series legal ramifications, it is essential that attorneys become well versed on the topic.

It was once true that safeguarding information meant keeping it in a locked cabinet. In the digital age, obviously things are far more complicated. It is now crucial that every attorney understand how to protect sensitive information.

The Data Breach and Encryption Handbook has 19 chapters, which cover topics including:

  • An examination of the current crisis in information security
  • What to do in the aftermath of data breaches
  • Potential liability and damages for a data breach
  • Data breach law and its implications
  • Modern encryption technology
  • How to resolve a breach

The handbook was written to be both an informative and practical guide to help attorneys, executives, technology professionals, politicians, and policy-makers understand cybersecurity. The book covers the complexities as well as causes of data beaches. Particularly useful is how the authors explain just what encryption actually means, and how your organization can move forward with practical solutions to prevent data breaches.

"The book will have accomplished one of its goals if it generates discussion and debate about the best approaches to preventing data breaches," writes Editor Lucy Thomson, a former federal criminal prosecutor and Vice Chair of the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law.

The book is being released on Valentie's Day, though you probably shouldn't get it for your significant other, even if he or she is an attorney. Prior to Feb. 14, the book can be preordered with a 15% discount.

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