A Legal Shark Week Playlist: 12 Tunes to Sink Your Teeth Into

By William Peacock, Esq. on August 12, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

When my editor tossed out the idea of a "Legal Shark Week" playlist, I jumped on it, like a shark on a bleeding dolphin.

Why? Not only is the Grouplove song "Shark Attack" one of my current favorites, but music is how I get pumped. About to head to court? Working out? Fighting writer's block? In any of these scenarios, I'm probably listening to loud, loud music.

The real challenge, however, is creating a playlist that appeals to all sorts of folks -- an especially large challenge for me, due to my narrow and unique musical tastes. Fortunately, with the help of FindLaw's resident D.J. and a few other shark-related playlists, I was able to piece together a 12-track playlist. And if you have any suggestions, I've made the playlist open and collaborative on Spotify, so jump in and add your favorites.

1. Grouplove -- "Shark Attack." The lyrics seem to have nothing to do with sharks. But hey, it's a catchy tune, and when that hook comes in with the lead singer's weird voice (which contrasts nicely with his female bandmate's smooth vocals), it's impossible not to tap your toes and nod along with the beat.

2. Jimmy Buffet -- "Fins." If you're not a Jimmy Buffet fan, well, I can't blame you -- I'd never heard of the guy before today. But hey, "Fins" is apparently one of his most popular songs and the lyrics actually are shark-related, even if they are a metaphor for guys picking up on ladies.

3. Limp Bizkit -- "Shark Attack." This song steps the pace up a bit from Buffet's laid-back tune, and gives 90s rock fans a little something more ... recent.

4. Megadeth -- "Bite the Hand." Stepping the pace up a bit faster, this metal song will really get your pulse racing. Plus the lyrics begin: "They ball gagged Lady Justice / And blindfolded her so she can't see ..."

5. Gallows -- "In the Belly of the Shark." You don't need a breather yet, do you? Here's another fast-paced song, this time about being in the belly of the shark. It's a dark song with an evendarker video.

6. The Black Keys & RZA -- "The Baddest Man Alive." Alright, now we'll downshift a bit with a song that starts slow and oozes swagger. What does it have to do with sharks? Toward the end of RZA's rap, he drops the line, "Tell a great white shark to go and brush his teeth."

7. Nine Inch Nails -- "With Teeth." I don't know much about NIN, but sharks have teeth -- big ones.

8. Yo La Tengo -- "Season of the Shark." Here's where things get real laid back, real slow -- the quiet moment before you take down your prey. Your pulse was racing as you stalked your prey, but now, as you're going in for the kill, you're filled with nothing but calm confidence.

9. Hall & Oates -- "Maneater." Sharks eat people. Get it? The shark is a metaphor for a woman who broke somebody's heart. Ladies dominating a historically male-dominated profession, this one is for you.

10. Heart -- "Barracuda." I know what you're thinking: a barracuda is a fish. I am aware of this fact. But this one goes out to all of the badass support staff out there, the ones who don't get titles like "shark" or "Esq.," but are just as deadly.

11. Blue Oyster Cult -- "Shooting Shark." I know nothing about this group. I found on a playlist on the Internet, it sounded pretty, and I included it. A few fun facts, though, courtesy of Songfacts.com:

  • The bass player was Randy Jackson, of American Idol fame;
  • This song is near the end of our playlist and was near the end of B.O.C.'s career;
  • The lyrics have nothing to do with sharks.

12. The theme from "Jaws." Of course.

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