A Lawyer's Guide to HTGAWM Season 2, Episode 6: Bonnie Did It

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on November 06, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Welcome back to How to Get Away With Murder, where the brightest minds of a generation learn how to literally pin murders on Mother Theresa. This week's episode is called "I Want You to Die," but this show is still giving us life.

On last night's episode, things got even more Oedipal, characters went splat, and we might have our first major hint of who shot Annalise. Let's get started.

Case of the Week: Who Is Wes's Mommy?

This week's case de la semaine involves an obsessive ex-husband who allegedly drove his romantic replacement to commit suicide. It's a fine little diversion, and there's actually some accurate law. (Yes, dying declarations are an exception to hearsay! A+ job, writers.) But what matters here is what arises after Wes is put on, then taken off, the case.

That Oedipal tension between Annalise and Wes? It might be real.

Last week, Annalise said she knew Wes's mother committed suicide. This week, there's pretty good evidence that Annalise actually is Wes's mother, and not just metaphorically. Annalise tells ex-girlfriend Eve that Wes isn't just one of her students, but that it's him" -- strongly implying that he's her child. Annalise's grinding on Wes in the season's opener is even more cringe-inducing now.

What Happened at Trotter Lake

Turns out that Asher isn't a gang rapist, but just an accessory to gang rape. Last episode, A.D.A. Sinclair revealed to Bonnie what happened at Trotter Lake (the rape), and Asher spends the whole episode trying to concoct an adequate excuse. With the tact you'd expect from a dough-faced idiot, he tells Bonnie "I understand because it's your thing ..." Read: I know you're upset about rape because of your whole child porn past. Bonnie is not pleased with Asher -- or Annalise.

Bonnie Shot Annalise?

Who shot Annalise? Bonnie. Maybe. Like always, we open and close on the flash forward. At the start, Wes and Laurel, hiding away in the Hapstall mansion, decide that they have to "stop them" -- "them" presumably being Connor and Michaela, who've just run outside. Fast-forward to the final flash forward and, before we can see if the Keating kids turn on each other: splat. A.D.A. Sinclair's body falls from on high and straight into the mud. Bonnie stands above on the Hapstall balcony, glowering.

Has the monster revealed itself? Did Bonnie shoot Annalise in the gut as revenge for her years of emotional blackmail and manipulation? Did she toss Emily Sinclair to her death for revealing Asher's gang rape past? Let's say yes! For now at least, Bonnie is suspect number one. But of course, we've still got eight episodes to get through before the season ends, so there's a high probability that this is nothing but a diversion.

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