99 Things to Do With Your JD, Besides Practice Law

By Neetal Parekh on October 14, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you have ever questioned what you could do with your law degree -- beyond practicing -- you have come to the right post.

Perhaps it happened while watching a lunchtime speaker panel on alternative careers in law. Maybe it happened during the 9th week of your Admin Law class when Chevron suddenly didn't hold the mystique it once did. Or, maybe it happened after submitting your 536th timesheet to your managing attorney.

Whenever you experienced the moment when you realized that using your law degree to practice law is an option but not the only option, you may have started wondering ... so, what else can I do with my JD?

Here is a list. A warning though, or caveat emptor if you will, our list contains everything from job titles, to big concepts, to names of famous JDs, and a bit more. What's interesting is that some of the most surprising entries are based on real non-law options that have been exercised (find out more in the Related Resources). It is a mixed bag at best, so use it as a brainstorming tool ... a place to let you begin to create your perfect job title.

And here we go...

  1. Public policy advisor
  2. Think tank contributor
  3. John Grisham

  4. Start a non-profit

  5. Demetri Martin
  6. Mayor
  7. High school political science teacher
  8. Public health graduate student
  9. President Obama
  10. Pastry chef
  11. Law firm recruiter
  12. Law school recruiter
  13. Loan officer
  14. Contract negotiator
  15. Human resources specialist
  16. Motivational speaker
  17. Law supplement author
  18. Romance novelist

  19. Ari Gold
  20. Home stager
  21. Harvey Levin
  22. Lobbyist
  23. CEO
  24. Political cartoonist
  25. Write a screenplay
  26. Law school professor
  27. Mediator
  28. Ozzie Nelson
  29. Venture capitalist
  30. Form a start-up
  31. Record music
  32. Marketing
  33. Compliance manager
  34. Career coach
  35. Start a fashion blog
  36. Law school career counselor
  37. International sales
  38. Sports agent
  39. Stock broker
  40. CFO
  41. Financial analyst
  42. Foreign service diplomat
  43. UN Ambassador
  44. Talk show host

  45. Start a dating blog

  46. Grant writer
  47. Franchise owner
  48. Magazine editor
  49. Playwright
  50. Field journalist
  51. Fraud regulator
  52. Sitcom actor
  53. Speech writer
  54. Crime reporter
  55. Get a PhD
  56. LSAT instructor
  57. Blues singer
  58. Reality show contestant
  59. Risk assessor
  60. Start a brewery

  61. Public Relations
  62. Children's rights' advocate
  63. Office manager
  64. Courthouse staff
  65. Public affairs representative
  66. Senator
  67. Travel blogger

  68. Backup dancer
  69. Own a professional sports team
  70. Stand-up comedian
  71. Mohandas Gandhi
  72. Study Abroad Coordinator
  73. Work at a foundation
  74. Law school dean
  75. Win a Pulitzer
  76. Clinical research associate
  77. Mergers and acquisitions
  78. Futures and options specialist
  79. Photographer
  80. Social entrepreneur
  81. Andrea Bocelli
  82. Nelson Mandela

  83. Middle school principal

  84. Producer

  85. Open a law book store
  86. E-discovery specialist
  87. Practice support professional
  88. Ben Stein
  89. Governor
  90. Television sportscaster
  91. Geraldo Rivera
  92. Win a Nobel
  93. Movie critic
  94. Inventor
  95. Colonel Sanders
  96. Teach online
  97. Strategy and operations
  98. College softball coach
  99. FindLaw blogger!

This post originally appeared on October 14, 2009. It has since been updated.

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