9 Top Fashion Tips for Lawyers

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on March 21, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The clothes really do make the man (or woman). A new study from California State University shows that dressing well at work is connected in higher-level expansive and abstract thinking, while dressing informally is correlated to focusing on immediate, pragmatic tasks. Or, as NPR puts it, "slouchy clothes make for slouchy work."

Dressing well as an attorney isn't as simple as not wearing pajamas to court. Here are FindLaw's top nine tips to help you dress for success.

1. Top 10 Signs That You Dress Unprofessionally

Before you can improve on what you've got, you've got to know what's wrong. So if you're sporting Ed Hardy shirts, painfully high heels, or a terribly wrinkled suit, you might need to work on your wardrobe.

2. Business Casual Survival Guide Helps You Dress Like an Adult

You don't have to wear a power suit to work every day. But even when you're going "business casual," you'll want to avoid bringing your busted sneakers to the office.

3. His and Hers Tips for Summer Associate Dressing

You've finally got the summer position of your dreams. Now, don't let an unprofessional outfit keep you from getting an offer.

4. Spring Is Here, So Is a New Wardrobe: Fashion Tips for Associates

Happy spring! It's time to pack away the pea coat and get ready for some better weather -- while maintaining a professional, fashionable appearance, of course.

5. Some Women Attorneys Are Trading in Their Power Suit

Some women are trading in their dowdy wardrobes for dresses that mix fabrics, print, color and texture, proving that you don't need a pants suit to look authoritative.

6. Can a Lawyer Wear Leopard Print to Work?

No. Yes. Maybe ...

7. Should Lawyers Tone Down Their Bling?

If you've got a sports car that screams "look at me!" or a wedding ring that's worth more than most people's houses, you might want to take a note from Amal Clooney and tone down your bling.

8. How to Give Advice, and Not Belittle, Women Attorneys

Dressing well as a lawyer -- and helping others dress well, too -- shouldn't be an excuse to belittle women.

9. 3 Lessons for Young Attorneys From Pharrell's Hat

In 2014, Pharrell William's "Smokey the Bear" hat was almost bigger than his music. There's some real lessons attorneys can learn from Pharrell's most famous accessory. We're serious!

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