8 Year Old Stabbed at NY Restaurant

By Jason Beahm on October 13, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Police say "[t]he attack was random."

At any given moment the world is generally a safe place. Horror isn't always a fictional topic and the occasional dose of terror reminds us that there exists a bizarre and cumulative impact on the world from sadly unexpected behavior. A recent example from Long Island, New York, illustrates this point.

It's Saturday night in Long Island, New York, and an 8 year-old boy is playing video games near his parents at Dave & Busters, a popular restaurant and arcade franchise. Suddenly 23 year-old Evan Sachs allegedly attacked the boy from behind, pulling out a three and a half inch knife and stabing him five times in the chest, puncturing his lung.

Fortunately, Evan Sachs father and another person apprehended the the alleged assailant and held him until police arrived. Despite serious injuries, the boy is expected to survive. According to Nassau police Lt. Ray Cote, the boy's parents were only steps away, but Sachs waited until they weren't looking to attack.

According to CNN Sachs is being held without bail and charged with second-degree attempted murder, first degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon. Frankly, it's a mystery that Sachs is not being charged with first degree attempted murder.

For a quick primer on the difference between the two: second degree murder is "common law murder" which means the killing of a human being by another human being with malice aforethought. First degree murder requires an aggravating factor typically articulated by a specific intent to kill, i.e. premeditation and deliberation.

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