7 Ways to Show a Lawyer Some Love -- for One Day, at Least

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on April 14, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

One of the Western world's most important holidays is upon us: International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. So stop complaining about how your ex's slimeball attorney stole all your money in the divorce and start showing us, or yourself, some love.

What's the best way to be nice to a lawyer, even if you are one? Money, of course. Beyond that, here are some other ways to show a little appreciation to the lawyers in your life, whether they're your colleagues, friends -- or that vile slimeball attorney who stole all your money:

1. Get 'em Drunk: We lawyers loooove to drink, so much so that it's a massive problem throughout the profession. Ignore it for today and buy an esquire a nice bottle of scotch or wine.

2. Teach Them a Skill: There are plenty of things lawyers are good at besides lawyering. Take your attorney friends out for a cooking class, pottery session or -- handwriting lesson?

3. Help Them Advertise: Everyone loves terrible lawyer TV ads and there are sure a lot of those around. But it's also nice to do it right, so how about grabbing the camcorder and coaching a lawyer through an impromptu acting class?

4. Feed 'Em: Sure, lawyers might have client lunches all the time, but those are business. Give a lawyer a break from the grind by taking them out to lunch.

5. Give Them Some Books: Yeah, many lawyers spend their days reading and writing, which can turn them off to literary pursuits in their spare time. But, for the lawyers who still manage to crack a book, there's plenty of them out there, form escapist fantasy to Supreme Court Justice autobiographies.

6. Get Them a Gadget: That book from above? It doesn't have to be on paper. Try getting the lawyer in your life some helpful new gadgets.

7. Make em Laugh: Law is a serious job and laughter can be a necessary break. Whether it's taking an attorney out for a night of standup or giving her one of many available gag gifts. The lawyer coloring book is always a classic and a good place to start.

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