7 Top Alternative Career Tips for Lawyers

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on June 06, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

You're fed up and burnt out. You're ready to finally pursue the passions you let slide when you became a lawyer. It's time for a career change.

But where should you go from here? What are some of the best non-law jobs for lawyers? Here are our top seven alternative career tips, from the FindLaw archives.

1. 99 Things to Do With Your JD, Besides Practice Law

Super-star novelist? Sure. Pastry chef? Why not. Stock broker? Crime reporter? Academic? Check. Check. And check. When it comes to alterative careers, there are plenty out there.

2. Alternative Careers for Lawyers: Let Your Passion and Skills Lead You

Finding a non-law career is just like finding anything else you're planning on dedicating your life to. Focus on what it is you love to do, sell your legal skills, mix in a bit of entrepreneurialism and you could find your escape from the legal rat race.

Technology is slowly but surely transforming the legal industry. But there's a surprising lack of legal experience in the field. You could be the solution, joining the coders and engineers to help create the future of legal technology.

4. Forget Being a Lawyer. Become a Lobbyist Instead.

Excited by the current election cycle? Want to do more than just phone bank for your favorite candidate? Maybe it's time to join the 11,000 influence peddlers who spent over $3 billion last year. As a legal professional, you're well positioned to pursue a career as a lobbyist.

5. Lawyer Quits to Pursue Her Real Passion: Ice Cream

Victoria Lai was on track to be a major legal success. She had an impressive law degree, had finished an appellate clerkship, and earned BigLaw pedigree and a cushy government gig. But she couldn't resist her true passion: ice cream. Now she's one of the most successful ice cream makers in Washington, D.C.

6. Lawyer Adds 'Whiskey Producer' to His Resume

Sure, everyone loves ice cream. But lawyers really love whiskey. And one Wyoming attorney has supplemented his practice (and his liquor cabinet) by starting up his own whiskey business.

7. Good Career Move: Guy Leaves BigLaw to Be a Rock Star

Of course, if the above career options don't work for you, you can always follow in the footsteps of Drew Shoals, former corporate lawyer and current drummer in a Grammy Award-winning band.

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