6 Apps to Help Busy Lawyers Find Dates

By William Peacock, Esq. on September 10, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Obvious advice of the day: If you care about your job, don't date in the office.

The reasons are obvious, but we'll recap them in as few words as possible: drama, office gossip, and sexual harassment. But you are an associate! You spend 100 hours per week in the office. You never have the chance to meet anyone if you don't date coworkers.

We get it. You've got this whole career thing standing in the way of happiness. Fortunately, you have dozens of options for online or "app" dating. And trust us, (nearly) everyone is doing it. Here are a few suggestions, from "traditional" websites to apps that are a bit more ... casual:


According to Mashable, OkCupid was the most searched-for online dating site within the past 30 days. The site's popularity likely stems from the fact that it is (a) free, and (b) serves no discernable niche, unlike sites like JDate (Jewish dating) and ChristianMingle.com. We discussed OkCupid and its plethora of free features as an alternative to drinking yourself into a depressed stupor on this past Valentine's Day. They also have an app for creeping on locals.


Last month, at the behest of a friend, I attended a singles mixer in downtown San Jose. Much to my chagrin, there were very, very few ladies at the "mixer." However, a Silicon Valley Stereotype (engineer), who commiserated with our disappointment, told us about all of his favorite dating apps, including one he was truly infatuated with: Grouper.

The concept is simple. Grouper takes your Facebook data, matches you to someone with similar interests that you do not know, but should; each of you brings two friends and the group of six meets at a nearby bar. It's like triple-dating meets online dating.


Another app recommended by our friend, Tinder, is an app that, again using Facebook, matches you to others with similar interests nearby. You can flick right or left to accept or reject a match. If there is mutual interest, the app will make the introduction.


Zoosk is a dating site and an app all in one. No one we know uses this, but it is supposedly the most popular dating app in Google's ecosystem. It uses some sort of behavioral matchmaking engine, and has apps for Facebook, Android, and iOS. Match.com also ranked it as the fourth most popular search term.


For those not looking for anything serious, there are apps for you as well. Grindr and Blendr are "hookup" smartphone apps that use your location to connect with singles nearby. Grindr, which is exclusively for gay men, has been extremely popular, while Blendr, which is for all sexual orientations, has not.

Down (a.k.a. Bang With Friends)

We've followed this app closely, but only due to their hilarious legal battle with Zynga. The app taps into your Facebook friends, you choose the people you'd be "down" with, and if they choose you as well, the secret is out in the open. The offensively-titled app was changed to "Down" for iOS users after Apple pulled it from their app store earlier this year, reports CNET.

Go forth. Date. Mingle. Just do so outside of the office. Unless you are the Obamas.

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