6 Apps That Will Come in Handy When You're Drunk

By William Peacock, Esq. on April 25, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's late April. For many of you, celebration season is about to hit full swing. Finals are ending (party!), graduation is approaching (party), it's Friday ("party and party and yeah!"), and if you're a bit older, February bar results are probably trickling in.

Basically, it's drinking season, and a long season it'll be, with summer approaching. What makes a good drinking night? Location, drinks, company, safety -- and a lifeline, just in case.

Here are six apps you may want to check out when you're faced with a few common scenarios:


Hey, as a student or recent graduate, you probably aren't flush with cash. Take the economical route to drinking and have a few drinks before you go out. Mixology (Android and iOS) will be your best friend.

Recipes? Definitely. But the killer feature is Liquor Cabinet, where you enter what materials you have on hand, and it'll spit out a list of drinks that use those ingredients.

Finding a Venue.

Whether it's a bar, club, or corner liquor store, Yelp (Android and iOS) is probably your best bet for finding nearby venues for debauchery. Plus, reading the user reviews, even if they are arguably distorted and untrustworty, is better than walking in blind.

Getting There Safely.

If you're in Manhattan or Boston, you can easily flag down a cab. Most other places? Grab your smartphone and download Uber and Lyft. Uber has a wider reach, but is regularly criticized for "surge pricing" (price-gouging drunk people during peak hours); Lyft has recently slashed prices while adding more cities. Of the two, we'd go with Lyft. Plus, Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart are fans, so it can't be all bad.

Getting More Booze Delivered.

If you're staying in, but running dry, you're in luck (if you are in Boston or New York). Drizly is a booze delivery service that a few of my friends use and rave about. Minibar is an NYC-only alternative, just in case Drizly runs dry.

Drinking Games.

When we were young, people used playing cards or bad TV shows for drinking games. Today, there are smartphone apps, such as "101 Drinking Games" for Android, which seems to be the most popular app in Google's store. On Apple's iOS, the aptly named "Drinking Games Free" is, well, free.

Getting Arrested.

If you take things a little too far, you're going to need a lawyer. And no, friends don't represent friends, nor should you represent yourself. Hit up the FindLaw Directory (it's too awesome for an app) to find a DUI or criminal defense lawyer in your town.

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