Post-Bar Exam Relaxation Tips: 5 Ways to Chill After it's Done

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on July 27, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Studying for and taking the bar exam is a major accomplishment. Congratulations, you did it!

You just sacrificed several months of fun and free time to get here, studying pretty much anytime you could manage it. Hours of exam prep classes and many many dollars later, it's done.

Win or lose, just making it through the exam is a big deal. So in the first few days after the exam ends, treat yourself right. We have some ideas how.

  1. Celebrate. Go out with friends for drinks or dinner or both and make a big deal. Because you are a big deal now. Just drink responsibly so you can remember how awesome your victory celebration was.

  2. Go outside. Chances are good you've spent a lot of time in the past weeks indoors sitting at a desk, potentially hunched over books or a laptop. Reintroduce yourself to the sunlight and get your dose of vitamin D.

  3. Get on a plane. It's time to get outta town. Many bar exam takers will soon travel all over the world. Pick an exotic, far-flung place or a remote piece of the wilderness in your backyard. Just get away to a new place.

  4. Catch up on TV and movies. You've missed a lot on TV in the past weeks so hopefully your DVR or Netflix queue is full to bursting just waiting for you. Treat yourself to a TV, sports, or movie marathon sometime in the weekend after the exam. You earned it.

  5. Let it go. The exam is over and results aren't out for a while so find something else to occupy your mind. If you spend the next few months obsessing over bar exam results, it will be a long wait for you and everyone around you.

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