5 Ways to Prep for your Harvard Law Skype Interview

By Andrew Lu on October 23, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Harvard Law School announced that they will be interviewing candidates next year via Skype.

Previously, the school held telephone interviews with prospective students, but now the school will have a chance to not only hear, but also see, eager applicants.

Harvard is already in the minority of law schools by conducting interviews at all, reports The Harvard Crimson. Now the university is pushing the envelope again with Skype interviews.

For prospective students who are about to appear on camera before Harvard deans and admissions officers, here are five tips to have a winning interview:

  1. Dump Hello Kitty for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Take a look at what's on the shelves behind you. Your interviewer will see these things. So you might want to consider replacing the giant plush Hello Kitty doll, and replacing it with some library-borrowed law books.

  2. Have a Geek Handy. If you're not that technically advanced, make sure your cousin or friend who knows something about technology is nearby. If you only lose your Internet connection once a year, it's probably a safe bet that one time will be during your Harvard interview.

  3. Choose a Quiet and Serene Location. Even if you can't have the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, you'll still need a quiet and serene location. The last thing you'll want is barking dogs or flushing toilets interrupting your interview.

  4. Ditch the PJs for some Khakis. You're going to need to dress appropriately for the Skype interview. Generally, aim for business casual. If you show up in a tux or three-piece suit, it may be a bit over the top. Then again, if you're currently an investment banker or doctor, then the expensive suit or scrubs may be the way to go.

  5. Sit on Your Hands. Not literally. But be aware of your hand gestures. Speaking with your hands comes off better in person than on Skype. If you gesticulate too much, you might come off as aggressive.

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