5 Ways to Make a DUI Worse

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on August 17, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

You thought that getting charged with drunk driving was bad, but trust us, it can get even worse. Aggravating factors like an extremely high blood alcohol content, multiple convictions, or, god forbid, an injury-causing crash can turn a bad dream into a nightmare.

You should never drink and drive. And here are five things you should always avoid doing to make a DUI even worse.

1. What Happens After a DUI Under 18?

You just started driving, and you're starting off on the wrong foot. Just about every state has zero tolerance (no pun intended) DUI laws that mean it doesn't matter how well you were driving or how little alcohol you had to drink -- as long as you tested positive for booze, that's a DUI.

2. 2nd DUI: What Happens Now?

You're a repeat offender, so it won't be treated the same as your first DUI. Higher fines, an ignition interlock device, and more community service or even jail time is probably in your future, along with a lengthy driver's license suspension.

3. 3rd DUI Offense: Will I Go to Jail?

If you thought the two-time DUI penalties were harsh, just wait. Some states treat a third DUI as a felony conviction, and others have mandatory minimum jail sentences. Staying out of jail after a third DUI might be the exception rather than the rule.

4. When Does DUI Become Child Endangerment?

Please, please, please: never drive with a child in the car after you've been drinking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently found that almost one in five traffic fatalities involving a child 14 and younger was alcohol-related. And there's a good chance you could lose custody if you get a DUI with your child in the vehicle.

5. What Is DUI Manslaughter?

It's pretty much the worst case scenario: you cause an accident and someone dies. And if you were drunk at the time of the accident, things are going from awful to much, much worse.

Even standard DUI charges are serious, and if you've been charged with drunk driving, you'll want an experienced DUI attorney on your side.

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