5 Sites to Search for In-House Jobs

By Robyn Hagan Cain on April 19, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

We’ve previously discussed how to beef up your résumé to go in-house, and how much in-house jobs pay.

But those tips won’t help you unless you can find one of those magical in-house listings. So today, we’re helping you out with a list of 5 sites to search for in-house jobs.

  1. Association of Corporate Counsel. Let's start with the job listings from the "global bar assocation" for in-house attorneys. The ACC describes its In-House Jobline as "the premier electronic employment resource for the in-house counsel community."
  2. GoInHouse.com. Talk about res ipsa loquitur. More than just a catchy name, GoInHouse.com has been publishing in-house counsel news and jobs since 2005. You can search the job listings on the site by location, category, and experience level, making it easy to tailor a search to your background.
  3. LinkedIn. If you're not already using the biggest online professional-networking service in your job search, you need to start. When you search for jobs through LinkedIn, you can ask the connections within your network to facilitate introductions to employees, thus improving your chances of getting an interview.
  4. Craiglist. Craigslist may be the site you typically turn to when look to sell your sofa or find your long lost love, but it also hosts robust job listings. A Fortune 500 company may not post a GC-listing on Craigslist, but a small company might.
  5. FindLaw's Career Center. Did you really think we would make it all the way through five bulletpoints without a shameless FindLaw plug? In the FindLaw Career Center, you can search for corporate counsel gigs, as well as those compliance gigs that are great starting points for entry into the in-house world.

Do you have any super secret resources for corporate counsel listings? Well, cough 'em up because secrets don't make friends. You can share your tips with our friends on our Facebook page.

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