5 Practical Gift Ideas for Law School Grads

By George Khoury, Esq. on June 01, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

With graduation parties happening around the country, many people might be wondering what some practical gifts are for law grads.

Considering that law graduations are about as anticlimactic as they come thanks to the bar exam looming over nearly every law grad, there are still some excellent and practical graduation gifts that could mean quite a lot to the law grad in your life.

1. Cash

Cash is actually a rather simple, and not out of line, gift for any graduate. While Jerry Seinfeld may not be able to pull off giving the gift of cash, if Elaine had been a recent law grad, she probably would have been thankful. Every little bit helps, especially between graduation and bar exam time. Also, let's not forget about that elephant named student loan debt.

2. Healthy Food Delivery

After graduating law school, grads have to prepare for the bar exam. If you can help that grad out by taking care of a few meals for them (via a gift certificate to a favorite delivery service or restaurant that delivers), or providing some fresh, healthy snacks (especially ones you know they'll like) via one of the many food subscription services, it'll likely be very appreciated.

3. Cleaning/Laundry Service

Like cooking, cleaning and laundry are also time consuming activities that a recent law grad could benefit from not having to do during bar prep time. Hiring a cleaning a service for one or two cleanings for your grad to schedule at their convenience is not something any grad will scoff at.

4. Professional Massages

Bar prep is stressful. Massages release stress. And now, thanks to modern technology, in nearly every city, you can find professional massage therapists that will come to you or the grad (for a premium).

5. Professional Attire

Some law grads simply are not prepared to dress themselves as a lawyer five days a week due to not having accumulated enough professional attire. If a whole suit isn't in the budget, consider getting some nicer pieces that can go with a suit, like button down shirts, conservative blouses, ties, professional shoes, or even simply dress socks.

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