5 Legal Podcasts Lawyers Should Listen To (Other Than 'Serial')

By Mark Wilson, Esq. on December 12, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Podcasts have brought new life back to the radio format, allowing for the creation of a whole new industry of people talking about things. If you're a lawyer who's commuting any distance, or even just doing the dishes, you should be listening to podcasts.

But which ones? Obviously you're listening to the "Serial" podcast, but there are actually more out there.

Here's a list of five law-related podcasts you should be listening to instead of interacting with real people:

1. Life of the Law.

Avoiding technical discussion of how the law works, the Life of the Law podcast instead discusses a legal concept and then documents how that concept affects people's lives. One episode deals with Tennessee laws that allow drivers to drink alcohol while driving. Another examines copyright through the lens of comedians stealing jokes.

2. Amicus.

Slate's Supreme Court correspondent Dalia Lithwick talks about upcoming Supreme Court cases with some of the people involved, usually the lawyers arguing before the court. Past guests have included Tom Goldstein, publisher of SCOTUSblog, and Douglas Laycock, the University of Virginia law professor arguing that a Muslim prisoner in Arkansas should be able to grow a half-inch beard.

3. NPR's Planet Money.

It's not a law podcast, strictly speaking, but because Planet Money talks about economics and economic policy, there's a fair bit of law involved. If you never thought that you'd be interested in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, the False Claims Act, or why you need a license to braid hair, you should listen to Planet Money. You might even like it!

From the Barely Legal podcast network, the Barely Legal Entertainment Law podcast is hosted by actual entertainment lawyer (and, yes, bassist for punk rock band The Vandals) Joe Escalante. It's part entertainment law explainer, and part call-in show for people in Show Biz who have Show Biz-type legal problems.

5. This Week in Law.

Denise Howell, an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer -- and a legal blogger -- hosts This Week in Law. As you might guess from Howell's background, she talks about privacy, intellectual property, and technology.

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