5 Last Minute Gifts for Law Students

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on December 19, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Time is running out to buy gifts for law students, with just a few more days until the winter holidays hit. But you're not too late.

If you move fast, you could still grab something special for the law students in your life. And believe us, they need it.

1. Supreme Court Ornaments

You can deck out the tree with ornaments from the Supreme Court Historical Society this year. Options include a Supreme Court "winter scene," a very blingy High Court rosette, and one "wise old owl," in glass.

These aren't the coolest or most exciting gifts ever, but they're not bad baubles for a law student -- and if your law student is a major law nerd, they could be the best fit. If you order by December 23rd, you can still get next day delivery.

2. "Smart Assistants" Like the Amazon Echo or Google Home

Products like Amazon Echo and Google Home seem like they're straight out of the future -- Star Trek style personal assistants that can dim your lights or remind you about your dentist appointment. They're really just speakers with some smartphone technology grafted on, but they're still pretty cool.

These things can help law students keep track of their schedules, manage their study playlists, and even recite the Wikipedia entry on personal jurisdiction, again. Not life changing, not essential, but a fun gift nonetheless. You might have to rush deliver if you're shopping online, but you can also pick these products up in person at your local Best Buy or other electronics store.

3. An Ostrich Pillow

They may look weird, but ostrich pillows are probably the most practical things on this list.

They are, simply put, giant pillows that you slap over your head, allowing you to nap comfortably just about anywhere. Holes on the top give you a cozy place to rest your hands. Any overworked law student who has dozed off in the library, in the cafeteria, on the bus, in class, or on a date will certainly appreciate it. The pillows shown above are sold out, but other versions are still available online.

There are, of course, times where you can't just curl up in your ostrich pillow and work off your sleep deficit -- you have to power through. For that, there's coffee. (Among other things.)

Law students need it, so give it to them. You could gift a fancy bag of fair-trade, single-origin beans, a nice coffee grinder or pour over set, a portable electronic kettle and French press, or just a big Starbucks gift card. It'll be appreciated. The best part: you can pick it these gifts up at your local grocery or specialty store.

5. A Serious Portfolio

You can't show up to an interview, an internship, or a job with all your documents bunched in your backpack or stored in some paper folder like a sixth grader. Law students need nice portfolios. A passable portfolio can cost under $10, while the engraved, leather kinds can get a bit more expensive. They're a simple, easy, practical gift that's certain to be appreciated.

And, if all else fails, remember, you can always just offer to pay a month's worth of student loans come graduation. That's a gift that will really be loved.

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