5 Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

By Mark Wilson, Esq. on April 17, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! This is the day when you appreciate the person in your office who prints, copies, files, types, answers the phone, and handles your calendar logistics.

Don't worry, the actual day isn't until April 22. If you forgot about it, there's plenty of time to get a gift for your administrative professional.

1. Food

Gift baskets are great, but who wants flowers? The new hotness is gift baskets full of snacks, from sausages and cheese to crackers, spreads, and California wine. None of those edible arrangements, either: We're talking something hearty. If gift baskets seem like a rip off (which they can be), take your admin out to his or her favorite place for lunch.

2. The Day Off

Now that's appreciation. Rather than have your office admin come in to work, let them celebrate the day at home, or at the amusement park, or wherever they want to go, as a paid holiday. Honestly, you can answer your own phone for a day, right?

3. Gift Cards

It's terribly gauche to give cash as a gift, even if economists agree that it's the most efficient present you could give someone. The next-best thing is a gift card to whichever store or restaurant your admin likes. And by the way, don't come right out and ask; use some detective work to find out which place you should get a gift card for.

4. Spa Day

Ah, the old spa day! Go get a mud bath, or a mud mask, or just sit by the pool with cucumbers over yours eyes. With all the repetitive stress injuries your admin is probably suffering from, a nice massage will be a welcome surprise. (And, hey, buy two of these, will you? No one wants to go to a spa alone.)

5. How About Be Nice Every Day?

Administrative Professional's Day comes but once a year, but your admin is in the office five days a week (maybe more). Rather than show him or her that you care on just one day, how about every day? You don't have to buy gift baskets or a massage, but you should treat your employees with kindness and respect all the time. Smile. Say, "Good work." Don't demand.

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