5 Coolest Lawyer Car Collectors

By George Khoury, Esq. on August 09, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

While many people out there will tell you that there's more to life than the material objects you own, obviously those people have never owned a model of every single type of Lamborghini made for two decades.

Cars are more than just possessions. They're status symbols. They're an extension of your personality. They're good, clean, wholesome fun. And most importantly, they're freedom. And although not all cars appeal to all people, from the 10 year old inside us all, a lawyer's coolness can definitely be judged based upon what they drive.

Below, you can read about five of the coolest lawyer car collections and collectors.

5. John O'Quinn

Based on the numbers alone, John O'Quinn, who passed some time ago, left behind one of the largest car collections amassed by anyone, let alone an attorney. A good portion of the 600 plus car collection included exotics, but he also appeared to enjoy domestic cars as well. In 2010, his passing made headlines as his collection was being liquidated, and stunning pieces of automotive history were sold off.

4. John W. Houghtaling II

John Houghtaling most definitely makes the list due to the ostentatious-ness of his collection. The man literally owned every model of Lamborghini from 1967 to 1986. Now that's some serious brand loyalty. Current status of the Lambo collection is unknown.

3. Arthur Porter

Arthur Porter has a penchant for vintage BMW race cars, and even races them himself. He also restores rare imported vehicles to track-car condition. Porter's interests lie more in the racing, so his collection is definitely more geared towards the high performance spectrum.

2. Charles Gould

Charles Gould may not have the fastest, or largest, collection, but it is by far the most eclectic. Ever heard of a Tatra T603? What about a Messerschmitt micro car? If you think he's crazy, you're not alone. His wife apparently thinks he's a hoarder that needs professional, or at least reality TV, help.

1. John O'Quinn

Yes. John O'Quinn made this short list twice because he bought the Batman Forever Batmobile (and thus we suspect he may actually be Bruce Wayne too). All joking aside, he may be gone, but he sure left behind a legacy. Including purchasing FDR's 1941 Packard limo, and even Pope John Paul II's old whip.

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