5 Best Ways to Deal With Difficult Bosses, Coworkers

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on July 18, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A bad boss can make an already difficult job unbearable. An annoying or aggressive coworker can turn every day at the firm into a crucible. But sadly, we're all going to run into terrible bosses and miserable coworkers at some point.

Thankfully, there's more you can do than just gritting your teeth and counting to ten. To help you out, here are our top tips on dealing with problem partners, insupportable support staff, and straight up jerks.

1. How to Get Upset at Work Without Getting Fired

You never know what the last straw will be. Is it the fourth week in a row without a day off, or a word of acknowledgment from those above you? Is it the copier that breaks, again and again? Or maybe it's Jeff, with his stupid jokes and bad spelling. But before you blow up, take a few seconds to read this.

2. Killing You Softly: How to Deal With Annoying Coworkers

You can handle the long hours and the grueling work, but annoying coworkers? They can make a bad job simply unbearable. But there are ways to deal with annoying coworkers, from simply avoiding them to letting your rage loose on a handy punching bag.

3. How to Tell Bosses, Co-Workers, Judges That They're Wrong

People get things wrong -- quite often. And while you don't need to correct every instance where "who" is used instead of "whom," you do need to set things straight every once in a while. That includes being able to tell your bosses, colleagues, and even judges that they're wrong. Here's how to do it, decorously.

4. If You Have a Sadistic Boss, Should You Leave?

There are bad bosses, and then there are sadistic ones. Bad bosses may not appreciate your work or manage issues well, but sadistic ones actually take pleasure in making you miserable. And there are plenty of sadistic partners in the law. If you find yourself unfortunate enough to have one above you, here's how to respond.

5. Five of the Worst Law Partners We Know

Even if your boss is a sadistic monster, things could probably be worse. At least your partners aren't murdering philanderers, right?

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