5 Best Greedy Tips of the Week

By George Khoury, Esq. on September 04, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Even for lawyers, being called greedy isn't desirable. However, there are certainly aspects of a lawyers job (or performance) that are improved by greed.

And, in case you've missed one or more of the many entries in our "Greedy Tip of the Week" blog series, below you can find five of our best greedy tips.

1. Greedy Tip of the Week: Be Greedy About Self-Care

Greed is really all about perspective. Lawyers need to be greedy when it comes to self-care in order ensure they can take care of themselves so that they can, in turn, take care of their clients. So while yes, your client may be having a complete breakdown, but if your 3pm Starbucks ritual is what keeps you sane, your client can wait until 3:15.

2. Greedy Tip of the Week: Find a Smart Side Hustle

If you're going to be hustling on the side, you might as well make sure your main hustle is getting some extra benefit. This is easier to do if you find a side job that a.) doesn't compete with your main hustle, and b.) provides good exposure to potential clients for your main hustle (and yes, we're assuming here that your main hustle is some form of lawyering).

3. Greedy Tip of the Week: Bill Like Your Pay Depends On It

You know how you were told to keep a picture of your spouse, child, dog, parents, car, or whatever other family/loved ones you have in your life on your desk in order to motivate you to bill more? Well, just cause you put in the hours, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get paid. While billing is important, billing the right matters for the right work can be crucial, particularly if your responsible for generating the money to pay yourself.

4. Greedy Tip of the Week: Don't Conspire, Perspire

Crime may pay, but so does good old fashioned hard work, and the latter has the added bonus of not potentially landing you in jail or before a state bar tribunal. So rather than scheming and dreaming, buckle-down, focus, and put in the hard work to make that money.

5. Greedy Tip of the Week: Collect Overdue Client Bills

If you've done the work and the client hasn't paid, it might be time to turn into an enforcer (or assign your least favorite- but still dependable/responsible- staff member to the role). If there are unpaid bills just sitting out there, a call, or letter, or email, might be all that you need to do actually bring the money on home.

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