5 Best Activities for Bar Exam Study Breaks

By George Khoury, Esq. on May 16, 2019

For all those law gra.ds (or soon to be law grads) who will start studying for the bar in a week or two, you will all soon know how anti-climactic law school graduation is. But let yourself celebrate the occasion, because you're just days away from the most intense study session you'll ever endure.

Bar prep isn't easy. Most bar review courses set a breakneck pace that only the most diligent of students can keep up with. And due to that mountain of work, the risk of bar prep burnout is very real. As such, it's important to develop and maintain good study habits during your bar prep and that includes taking healthy, productive study breaks. Below, you'll find 5 of the best activities for your bar exam study breaks.

1. Eat a Real Meal

While you may snack non-stop while reviewing outlines and substantive law, when you decide to take a break, consider fixing yourself a healthy meal. If you've been seriously snacking, then consider prepping yourself some more snacks, but making sure they're healthy snacks, like washed and cut fruits and veggies, lightly (or un-) salted nuts, or whatever healthy foods you enjoy. Heavy, fatty foods will make you feel sluggish, so try and stay away.

2. Nap

New understanding of the links between sleep and health only emphasize that when it comes to studying, sleep is important. If you have time for a long break, consider taking a half-hour nap, that is, if you're a napper. After all, some people just aren't great at napping.

3. Get Some Exercise, or meditate

If you're feeling a bit groggy or overloaded with info, you may need to clear your head in order to refocus. One excellent way to do so is to get your body involved. Getting up for even just a brisk walk can do wonders for your ability to sit back down and crank out another hour or two of work, as can a brief 10 to 20 minute meditation session.

4. Play a Mindless Game

Sometimes, you are just worn out from focusing, and can't even fathom getting up to do anything. If you find yourself that fried, reach for your smartphone, and open the most mindless game you can find, and just swipe, tap, or shake you way out of that mental grump. Or, if you like Pokemon, force yourself up and go catch a few. ProTip set a 15 minute timer before starting so you don't end up wasting the next three weeks popping bubbles.

5. Get Some Human Contact

When was the last time you talked to your mother, father, significant other, sibling, friends, or dog? Thankfully, the same device you use to text message can be used to place actual telephone calls to these people. You may even be able to speak in person to those same folks, remember that? Keeping in touch with your loved ones and friends is a healthy, productive way to spend a few minutes between subjects, or when you just need a small distraction.

Hang in bar preppers. Come on back to Greedy for more tips, tricks or maybe a just few minutes of fun betwen Contracts and Civ Pro. We'll be here. Waiting for you.   

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